Oakland Academy Parents, Guardians, and Students,

To preserve the academic integrity of our academic courses and our school hours, the decision has been made to enact a new personal electronic devices policy. Due to the advancement of technology, apps and social media sites have been created that distract and sidestep the students’ learning experience in a way that teachers are unable to distinguish whether work submitted was completed by the student without assistance. While this type of assistance can be an appropriate tool at times, the use of this type of technology on school work and assessments can also hinder Oakland Academy staff from gaining a true representation of a student's capabilities.

 Due to this ongoing struggle, students will be required to turn in their personal electronic devices at the beginning of each class period to their teacher. Teachers will have the option to allow students access to their personal electronic devices once graded classwork for the period is completed and checked by the teacher. Students who do not turn in their personal electronic devices, and are subsequently caught using their personal electronic devices during class time, will be subject to disciplinary consequences. These consequences will include, but not be limited to, turning the personal electronic devices into the office at the beginning of the school day.

Our intention is not to prevent you from contacting your child during the school day, but to ensure contact with your student is maintained through the appropriate channel.  If there is any type of emergency, please contact the front office immediately, and we will ensure that your student has access to his/her personal electronic devices in the front office area to avoid disruption of the school day for all of our students and staff. In most cases, students will be able to check their personal electronic devices during transition periods, and before and after school, per our handbook policy.

We recognize that your goal of academic success for your student is one of the many reasons you have chosen to send your student to Oakland Academy. We share that goal of academic success for your student as well. By their very nature, grades, credits and diplomas are important indicators of student knowledge and capabilities. Due to the need to protect the integrity of these academic measures and the structure of school hours, we feel it is necessary to enact this policy. In the Spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year this personal electronic device policy and all of information surrounding this decision was discussed with your student. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to speak with you. We deeply appreciate your support in the academic success of your student at Oakland Academy.


Oakland Academy Staff

Dave Walker Principal

MaryBeth Yeaman School Counselor

Kristine Kealey English Teacher

Kalisa Mitchell Social Studies Teacher

Wendy Towle Mathematics Teacher

Jesse King Science Teacher

Jennifer Smith-Margraf Spanish Teacher