Enrollment in Oakland Academy


Any Lafayette School Corporation (LSC) student may be considered for enrollment at Oakland Academy.  Enrollment at Oakland is based on a specific set of criteria that matches the unique curriculum of the school. Oakland Academy prioritizes enrollment for 10-12th grade students. The enrollment process is as follows:

  1. Interested parties may pick up an Oakland Academy Enrollment Request Form from the Jefferson High School Guidance Department between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Enrollment Request Forms are also available on the Oakland website.
  2. *If an interested party is new to Lafayette School Corporation and is interested in Oakland Academy, they must first register with LSC at the Jefferson High School campus. They may then follow this procedure to be considered for enrollment at Oakland.
  3. When the student picks up the Enrollment Request Form, they can either meet immediately with their JHS Counselor or set up a future time to consult with their JHS Counselor. The JHS Counselor will help with completing the "Academic Information" on the first page of the Enrollment Request Form and will begin the discussion of enrollment at Oakland.
  4. The student should complete the Enrollment Request Form which includes a "Student Information" section, a "Contact Information" section, and a written "Personal Narrative". Once completed, the student should submit the Enrollment Request Form to the Jefferson High School Guidance Department.  The Enrollment Request Form must be completed in its entirety for consideration.  Completed forms will be dated and time stamped upon receipt as candidates are considered on a first come first serve basis. These forms will then be shared with the Oakland Academy principal and guidance counselor. 
  5. When Oakland Academy receives the Enrollment Request Form, the principal will make contact with the student and their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) to set up an informational meeting. In this informational meeting, the principal will discuss opportunities and expectations within Oakland with the interest student and family.
  6. Students interested in moving forward will be contacted and a separate, academic planning meeting will be scheduled with the guidance counselor at Oakland. The incoming student and the parent(s)/and/or guardian(s) must be present at this academic planning meetings in order to complete the enrollment process before starting their first day at Oakland.

In an effort to maintain a desirable student to teacher ratio, enrollment is limited.  In summary, all new student Enrollment Request Forms will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted to determine if Oakland Academy’s academic programming can accommodate the individual student’s needs.  Students will then be enrolled at Oakland on a first come first served basis, with a priority of students in grades 10-12.  Students may be placed on a waiting list and notified of the first available opening.

Oakland Academy serves as an extension of Jefferson High School.
All academic progress, attendance, etc. become part of student’s Jefferson High School record.Successful students take advantage of Oakland’s competency-based practices and our individualized approach to learning and utilize Jeff electives to go on to graduate with a Jefferson High School diploma.