End of Course Assessments (ECAs) 
The ECAs are the high school version of ISTEP testing called ISTEP+ ECA.  The Indiana Department of Educations defines ECAs in this way, "The purpose of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics. In particular, ISTEP+ reports student achievement levels according to the Indiana Academic Standards that were adopted in November 2000 by the Indiana State Board of Education. The ISTEP+ End-of-Course Assessments (ECAs) are criterion-referenced assessments developed specifically for students completing their instruction in Algebra I, Biology I, or English 10."  In other words, the ECAs are standards-based tests that each student is required to pass in order to graduate from high school and earn their diploma.

At Oakland High School, we take End of Course Assessments very seriously because it is one of the determining factors for graduation.  Even though a student may pass all of their classes at OHS, without passing the ECAs, they cannot earn their diploma.  Because we strive to have a 100% graduation rate at Oakland High School, and we believe that every student is capable of graduating, we have developed a standards-based curriculum that will constantly measure growth on each of the academic standards on the ECAs. In addition, we offer students additional help and tutoring as needed in individualized settings to ensure that every student can pass the ECAs and earn their diploma.  Below, you will find ECA updates, resources, and other helpful information from the Indiana Department of Education AND your OHS teachers to prepare for the ECAs.

What YOU can do to prepare for the ECAs
Learn the state standards and common core standards to the best of your ability
-  Ask questions in class
-  Seek help and clarification
-  Tell the teacher when you still don’t understand
-  Practice skills and applications by completing the practice ECA samplers, checking your practice sampler for accuracy, and asking about questions you didn’t understand
-   Go above and beyond as needed:  if you complete an assignment but feel unsure of your understanding, do more problems as needed to master content

Show an interest in your student’s academic progress
-  Convey the value of education to your family 
-  Discuss schoolwork at home on a regular basis
-  Contact the school or a particular teacher with concerns
-  Support your student’s academic progress by providing a quiet study environment for homework, offering help if needed or finding needed help, locating resources needed, praising your student’s efforts, celebrating your student successes, and helping your student devise a plan to overcome obstacles
-  Prepare your student for success:  make sure your student gets enough sleep, eats a good breakfast, and has all of his/her essential needs met

hsOakland High School Staff:
The OHS Staff is committed to providing individual tutoring as needed, reinforcing understanding and retention through sprial learning activities and best practices for teaching, making connections between school and the real world through authentic, practical application of skills and content, teaching test-taking strategies and tips, and providing many opportunities for assessment nd feedback on tasks on an individual and group basis in order for students to demonstrate growth and understanding.

Resources and More

Algebra I Blueprint
Algebra I Sample Items

Biology Blueprint
Biology Sample Items

englENGLISH 10
English 10 Blueprint
English 10 Sample Items

Because passing the End of Course Assessments in high school is required in order to earn a diploma, preparation for those exams is also a critical part of college preparation.  Please see more information about College Preparation by clicking the link in the left-hand side navigation bar.